Sacral Communication and Healing
Ist Budapest-Balaton Summer Course 2005 18-29 July
Prof. Thomas J. Csordas
Meaning and healing The Multiple Agendas of Medical Anthtropology
Mihály Hoppál
Ethnosemiotics of Healing Shamanism and performing arts
19 July

Training session
Pál Fuferenda
Postural Trance Inductions:-the Goodmanian Shamanistic Experience
Orsolya Czaga, Gábor Elekes
Healing with Druming Group of Hospital Kistarcsa

Ede Frecska
Neuroshamanism and Neoshamanism
Altered states of counsciousness and Embodiment
Round table László Kürti, Mihály Hoppál. Imre Lázár, Ede Frecska

György Halmy
Shamanism as Media, and media as shamanism : movies on shamanism

20 July
Communio/communitas/communicatio:religious media and media-religions
Media anthropology: communication and healing in sacral and secular context
Religious media versus media religions
Roundtable Katalin Kolczonay, Ulrich Kiss, Csaba Vass,

21 July
Gábor Szendi
Neurophysiology of spiritual states

Ede Frecska
Psychobiology of spiritual states of consciousness

Gyula Molnár
Prophets and visions in the Millenia

Prof. Thomas J. Csordas
Trauma, Transcendence and Thrust in Charismatic Healing

Prof. László Zsolnai
Spritiuality and Management and Public Affairs

22 July

Helle Johannessen
Beyond the the Body-Mind Split:

Erika Koltay
History of alternative medicine in context of medical pluralism

László Kürti
The Millennial Cultic Millieu
Power and political economy of spiritual healing
Round table : Helle Johannessen, Erika Koltay, Imre Lázár
25 July
Prof. Thomas J. Csordas
Diagnosis, Distress and Discourse in Navajo Healing

Miriam CM. Rabelo
Healing in the Candomble Bahia, Brazil

26 July
Imre Lázár, László Kürti
Faith healing, traditional healing and complementary medicine: phenomenology and/or understanding

Imre Lázár
The biopsychosocio-spiritual Paradigm in context of behavioral sciences
Healing, communication and ontological pluralism
Roundtable with Miriam Rabelo, Prof. Thomas J. Csordas, Imre Lázár, Csaba Vass, Piroska Komlósi,

27 July
Common routes, diverse ways
Conference in conference: Ethnomedicine
Participants : Tamás Gryneaus, Ágnes Lengyel, Gábor Limbacher,

Ferenc Süle
Traditional Healing in a Jungian Framework

Irén Lovász

28 July

Irén Lovász
Anthropology and pragmatics of Prayer: Apocryphal prayers
Imre Lázár
Healing with prayer: psychophysiological backgrounds and ontological alternatives

Piroska Komlósi
Psychology of prayer

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