Sacral Communication and Healing
II. Budapest-Balaton Summer Course
& Satellite Workshop of 10th Biennial Conference of EASA

Sunday 31. August
- 18 h
Opening ceremony
Károli Gáspár University of Reformed Church
Reviczky street 4.
Prof. Ferenc Túry Ph.D.
Semmelweis University
Head of Institute of Behavioral Sciences
Habil. László Kürti Ph.D.
Former secretary of EASA
Mihály Hoppál D.Sc.
Director of Institute of Ethnology
of Hungarian Academy of ScienceHead
Welcome drink

1st. September
8- 10 h Registration at Károli Gáspár University, Budapest
Revicky str 4. Aula
10 h Keynote lecture
Legacy of Felicitas Goodman
and Éva Schmidt
Mihály Hoppál
Anthropologists at the borders
Discussion of alternative realities of the researchers
14- 18 h
Religious realities and healing
Magia, ritual dynamics and medical anthropology
Vibekke Steffen,

Overtures of paradise: night dreams and Islamic Jihadist militancy
Iain Edgar

The Hungarian Millenial cultic millieu
László Kürti

Healing songs:
healing ways of sacral communication
Irén Lovász

16.00 Cofee break
Short report of European Conference on Religion, Spirituality and Health, Bern 2008
András Székely

Transbodiment of the Spiritual,
Bioenergetics, vibrational medicine and the biblical ways of healing
Imre Lázár

Network meeting of Sacral Communication and Healing EASA Network

2nd September
7.30 h. Travel to Balatonszárszó, Soli Deo Gloria Conference Camp

Chair Vibekke Steffen
Ancestors, Spiritual posession and Witchcraft
A case study from Africa
Sophie Kotányi
Religious experience among the members of Hare Krishna community in Zagreb, Croatia:
approaches and interpretations
Hrvoje Crgonja (cancelled)

Medical anthropology of psychics, mediums and clairvoyants
Vibeke Steffen
Research methods and visibility of the „hidden”
Round table
Vibekke Steffen, Iain Edgar, Árpád Bajkó, Mihály Hoppál, László Kürti, Imre Lázár, István Sántha, Tatiana Safonova
Free program


movie by Sophie Kotányi

3th September
Chair : László Kürti
Media Anthropology of millennial esoterism and religious revival

Christian mysticism and occultism in millennialist context
Challenges for media anthropology
Imre Lázár

Healing songs in the Basilica
Issues of spiritual media
Irén Lovász

Mihály Hoppál
Visual anthropology of Shamanist documentary movies

Anthropology of Dreams
Iain Edgar
Afternoon programme at the Lake Balaton

Media Anthropology of millenial cultic millieu
László Kürti

Reenchantment of Reality
György Halmy about his films

Afternoon program at the Lake
Movies of György Halmy about Éva Schmidt

4th September
In memoriam Kornélia Buday
Religious realities : from emotions to medicine
Chair : Iain Edgar

István Sántha - Tatjana Safonova
Emotional involvement - Bear and Big water among Evenki in Eastern Buryatia

Árpád Bajkó
Religious life and magical practices in Transylvanian villages

András Székely
Results of Hungarostudy 2002 and 2006
Medical and religious anthropology of biopsychosocial- spiritual paradigm

Imre Lázár
Faith healing, charismatic movement and spiritualism

Free program at the Lake Balaton
Concert and Dance House at the Csárda

5th September
Chair Imre Lázár
Organizational development and the institutions of the Reformed Church
Imre Szentpály- Juhász

Coaching, mentoring and sacral communication
Piroska Komlósi

Management and religious practice
Viktor Kókay Nagy

Overview of four years activity of SPES Forum
Imre Lázár


Anthropology of organizational chaplancy and economical diacony
Work-site health promotion and the pastoral psychology
Sustainable local economy.  roundtable

The autonom house and the autonom village and their pastors
Attila Ertsey

Local alternatives of economy in the age of oil, food, and climate crisis
László Antal Z.

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