Sacral communication and healing
 2nd Conference of SC&H Network

at Károli Gáspár University
Reviczky u. 4.

26. 06.2006

Eros, filia , agape and sacral communication
Csaba Vass habil. PhD

SC&H net as EASA network
László Kürti habil

Affective ethology and spiritualism.
László Nemes

Spirituality and: the body : issue of stigmata
Gábor Szendi

Death and construction of identity: field work at village Homorogd
Károly Nagy


Theology of the mediaaggression
László Papp

Image of women blurred by media
Judit Járai-Vojczek

Everyday experience and the Sacred – spirituality of personal plans
Tamás Martos

Coffee break
Antropology of Victor Frankl: strengths and weaknesses
Barna Konkoly-Thege

Place of logotherapy in healing panic patients
Eszter Ács

Roma pastoration: sacral communication in cross-cultural context
Kornélia Buday

Coffee break    

SC&H Net- a year after – round table

28. 06.
Prof. Dr. László Zsolnai
Between two conferences
Overview of Conference of Spirituality and the Economics of Frugality

and the upcoming SPES Forum

Roundtable about further plans of SC&H net

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